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Pink Lemon

Our crop fields

At PINK LEMON we are citrus producers & citrus exporters from Spain. We have been producing, trading and exporting citrus fruits  all over the world. 

Our cultivation fields located in Almeria and Murcia, make us provide an excellent quality to our customers, all our citrus fruits are harvested only in the Mediterranean area.

PINK LEMON has a well-defined mission and values. We focus all our efforts on bringing to any place in the world seasonal citrus fruits of Spanish origin free of plastics and waste.



Good protection and preservation

Biodegradable packaging

100% recycled materials

Plastic-free packaging

At Pink Lemon we are very environmentally conscious

Plastic and phytosanitary waste is a problem for our planet, mainly due to poor management and recycling. At PINK LEMON, we have a high environmental awareness, with 100% biodegradable packaging, made from recycled corrugated cardboard, which also keeps the quality of our citrus fruit completely intact. In this way we contribute to alleviate deforestation, helping to maintain and improve biodiversity


Pink Lemon
nature lovers

We love nature as it has been given to us, and we contribute with all our means to maintain a sustainable and healthy world, taking care of our planet.

Committed to the evolution of agricultural crops, at Pink Lemon we care for and respect the natural processes of growth and ripening of the citrus fruit, offering you pieces of the best quality, with a great flavour and excellent texture. As a result, they are unique citrus fruits full of scent, flavour, and colour.

Food security is paramount

We guarantee extra food security to meet the needs of our present and future generations, by defending an agriculture that is capable of regenerating itself and respecting the environment.

*Certifications in process